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PFF Member Fly Tying Demonstrations

These are video recordings of PFF members performing fly tying demonstrations at recent PFF workshops. Note that we have disabled downloading of these videos.

NOTE: To expand the video to full screen, you can click the icon with four arrows pointing outward just to the left of the "V" in the lower right of the video.

June 2021 Mike McGuire EC Caddis
Oct 2020 Mike McGuire Conehead Muddler, Paris Hilton
Oct 2020  Bill Uyeki 

Clouser Minnow variations

NOTE: Bill noted an error on first fly - after flipping over fly (barbell eyes on bottom), he should not have wrapped thread behind the eyes. Guess it was stagefright. :)

Nov 2020   Richard Izmirian  Mohair or SST Leech 

Nov 2020

Richard Izmirian   Backswimmer

Dec 2020  Frank Cavaliere Scud 

Dec 2020 Frank Cavaliere The Unit Skwala

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