Peninsula Fly Fishers


As a condition of membership or of participation in any activity encouraged or publicized by Peninsula Fly Fishers, I voluntarily assume all risks of my participation. 

In acknowledgement that I am doing so entirely upon my own initiative, risk and responsibility, I do hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators agree to remise, fully release, hold harmless, and forever discharge the Peninsula Fly Fishers, all its officers, board members and volunteers, acting officially or otherwise, from any and all claims, demands, actions or causes of actions, on account of my death or on account of any injury to me or my property that may occur from any cause whatsoever while participating in any such Peninsula Fly Fishers  activity. 

I acknowledge that I have carefully read this hold harmless and release agreement, and fully understand that it is a release of liability. I further acknowledge that I am waiving any right that I may have to bring legal action to assert a claim against Peninsula Fly Fishers for its negligence. 

Any member who invites a non-member [including member’s spouse and family] agrees that such guest is bound by the same condition and agrees to so advise the guest. 

I have read the above statement and agree to its terms as a condition of my membership in the Peninsula Fly Fishers, Inc.

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