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The Hex Hatch at Almanor 2007

by Mike McGuire

June25-29, 2007

The hex hatch at Lake Almanor was a fixture on the club's fishout schedule as led by our recently passed away friend Tom Kilfoil. John Margaroni, Rich Holubek and myself at least kept the tradition alive this year. We attended Tom's memorial on Saturday June 23, and were on out way up there on Monday. We fished the hex hatch four evenings, two on Lake Almanor and two on Butt Valley Reservoir. This was my first Almanor trip, and it's really true--bugs the size and color of small canaries come off the water at dusk.

One of the bugs
Hexagenia Limbata

This tends to induce a gratifying (to the flyfisher) recklessness on the part of otherwise smart , hard-to-catch fish as this Butt Lake Rainbow that Rich got shows.

Butt Lake Rainbow

The fly was Tom Kilfoil's hex emerger

Tom's Hex Emerger

Thus Tom was with us in his way. Out best evening of fishing was at Geritol Cove down at the south end to the lake near the dam. In addition to a couple of rainbow several smallmouth bass joined the festivities and were boated by us. Mornings we fished several local creeks, having out best results by far on Deer Creek along state route 32.

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