Peninsula Fly Fishers

  • December 04, 2014
  • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • HCC

EJ will be doing a presentation on Nymphing Techniques.   Any of you that have had an opportunity to fish with EJ know how skilled and knowledgeable he is with his nymphing so come take advantage of this presentation.  


Czech nymphing, High Sticking, Ted Fay technique, Spanisch nymphing... There are lots and lots of questions about these techniques and related methods. Fact is that 'tight line' nymphing techniques are used by the top national and international fly fishers and that they are extremely successful. They are also fairly easy to learn and can be fished with the gear you probably already have.

Why is it so successful? What are the differences and similarities? What flies to use, how to rig them? How do you fish it, where do you fish it, when do you fish it and when do you use what technique? These questions we will try to answer during this workshop about nymphing.

EJ Melzer will present and he will use will use excerpts of videos from Steve Parrott and Aaron Jasper on the screen to show the techniques.

Harold Patterson will lead the beginners group in tying fly's.

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