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Marble Mountain Ranch Klamath River Fish-out 2018

  • November 01, 2018
  • November 04, 2018
  • Marble Mountain Ranch 92520 CA-96, Somes Bar, CA 95568


  • Steelhead fishing on the Klamath with Mike Pinelli

Marble Mountain Ranch Klamath River Steelhead Fish-out

November 1 – 4, 2018

Deadline for sign up and making reservations at the Ranch is October 1,2018 

Contact Marble Mountain Ranch and make Reservations for your accommodations. Call Mike Pinelli or Patrick Stauter for Guide details. contact numbers below.

1-800-552-6284 ask for Doug or Heidi


One day Float cost $450.00. We need one rod for Friday & Saturday (two float days) or one rod for Friday and one rod for Saturday. Walk and wade the other days. Call Mike Pinelli for details. 650-636-3748 or Patrick 415-509-2731 ASAP


Cabins $165.00 per day double occupancy

Dinner at the restaurant $35.00 per person

Breakfast $18.00

Sack lunch $18.00

If you plan to have any of the meals, please let the ranch know by October 1st.

There will be a barbecue on Saturday Night at my cabin.  We are charging $5.00 collectable at the dinner and we will supply the meat.  (if you are vegetarian bring what you need.  Bring a small appetizer and or side dish like a veggie for 4 people, to round out the meal, it's BYOB so don't forget your favorite beverage.

Advice and information:

You do need a steelhead card (see your local sporting goods store).  You don't need a guide, there are plenty of places on the river to catch fish.  Please don't fish alone.  Always fish with a buddy.

Weather - be prepared for anything.  Bring rain gear and long john's in addition to the usual stuff: waders, hats sunglasses, wading staff.

This is big water expect (sometimes) big fish

ROD SIZE: 5 to 9 weights 6 weight is best.  I bring a 7 weight if the water is big and needs a bit more.               

LINE: Depending on the water the best right now is a floating line with a sink tip.   You never know.  Bring a sinking line and a floating line. This is steel head fishing be prepared.        

LEADER: This water is grayish and short leaders are okay

6.5lb, 3X or 8lb, 2x or 10lb. The 4X is a good middle of the road. 3X work well if you’re optimistic. Use your own judgment and capabilities on this.


It is going to depend on the rain and the water level as to the fishing and the flies.  The stand by that you want to take is:

Doug of Marble Mountain will be stocking the most popular, so bring money or fly-tying material.  The following are the standards for Steelhead   

Wet Flies:

#6 to #12 Golden Stones

The Burlap Special (Developed by Bob Delemos for the Trinity River).

Crusty (can be purchased at the Trinity Fly Shop)


Silver Hiltons

Paris Hiltons caught me a 48” salmon 2 years ago

Green Butt Skunk

Brendle Bug

Green Butt Silver Hilton


All of your favorites and don't forget to pack a couple of Woolly Buggers.

Dry Flies:

Large Humpies will work:


Grey Wolf

Black Wolf

Royal Wolf


See you there!!!

Mike Pinelli


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