Peninsula Fly Fishers

PFF University & Swap Meet

  • January 17, 2019
  • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • HCC

This month our club will be hosting the PFF University and the member swap meet.

To begin with, the PFF University will be highliting a great curriculum. The following are the classes being offered.

Mike Mcguire: Advanced fly tying techniques

Mike would like you to email him any request as to techniques you would be interested in learning.

EJ: Euro nymping leader construction

EJ has been a big proponent for this fly fishing technique. Many of our members have benefited from his knowledge. This presentation promises to continue increasing our clubs interest in this fishing technique

Rich Izmirian: Knot tying The following is a description of the presentation.

This session will concentrate on tippet to leader connections and leader to line connections, including loop knots and tight knots. We will also perform interventions for those still using the clinch knot, and apply Eugene therapy as needed. Finally, or as time allows, we will hold a master class on shoelace tying.

Bill Vermeer: Rod care and up keep

Bill is an expert rod builder and is very knowledgeable in their maintenance. He will demonstrate the basic requirements in keeping your equipment in top shape.

Each presentation will last about 20 minutes. This will give everyone the ability to visit all the presentations if desired.

We will have dinner available for all those attending.

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