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Wyoming Golden Trout Trip. Early August Time Frame

  • July 31, 2019
  • August 06, 2019
  • Pinedale Wyoming
  • 6

Wyoming Golden Trout Horse Pack Trip: On Trail dates 31-July to 6-August 

Return to the Days of Youth. Searching for Ultra-Large Golden_Trout. .

 Minimum Rods required 4

Cost is $500 per person, not including airfare or driving time. Bob Porter is the contact  for additional information. He can be reached at 650-367-7628, email 

Bob Porter was born and raised in Wyoming ranch country near the town of Pinedale. As a kid he fondly remembers the bareback horse rides up the Rocky Mountain valleys to the top of the world. There along the continental divide he plied the alpine lakes with a cane rod and worms extracting 20” trout in liquid gold colors. Ahhh. . . Those are the days of remembered youth we all wish to repeat!

Now Bob has proposed a return trip to re-visit those exciting, storied waters, of his youth. As planned it would be a 12 mile horseback ride, with saddle this time, up to a Wyoming lake at 10,800ft without a specific name. It should take about 6 hours by horse.  So one day inward, one day outward, and several days fly fishing and day hiking around streams and other nearby lakes makes it a  7 day high altitude camping trip. The flowers and scenery will be breath taking as one looks westward over the valley towards Pinedale. The cost of the horses is  $500 for each person if at least four people sign up. The horses would carry 70 lbs of gear for each person and provide a ride up to the lake. The horses would return in roughly a week to take us back down to the cars.  In-between, it is one-on-one with wiley mountain trout found in streams and nearby lakes. Success is defined by the scenery and stories to be told. Actual catching of fish depends on Bob’s memory, the weather, physical fitness level, and the skill of the fly fisherperson versus the size of the prize. Travel options to Wyoming, camping advice and extra equipment to borrow will be available and subjects of discussion prior to the trip.

The horse reservation dates are fixed as above. Contact Bob or Gary if you are interested.

Fishmasters: Bob Porter \ Gary Trott; Keeper of fish stories

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