Peninsula Fly Fishers

Shad Fishout (American River)

  • June 04, 2021
  • 11:00 AM - 8:30 PM
  • Sacramento, CA


  • All-day guided trip with Kiene's Fly Shop.
    Includes all gear, rigging, flies, and lunch.
    Does not include guide tip; please tip your guides appropriately after the fish out.

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Guided Boat Trip for American Shad on the Lower American River, Sacramento, CA 6 Rods only



The Lower American River below Nimbus Dam in Sacramento hosts an outstanding annual late spring / early summer run of shad.  A 2 hour drive from the Peninsula makes it one of the closest shad fisheries for PFF members.  This is a very doable day trip.

Cost: $240 per person, two members per boat.  The fee includes lunch, gear and flies but does not include guide tip.  Please tip your guide accordingly after the fishout.  Also please inform the fishmaster if you have any dietary restrictions for lunch.

Fishing the Shad Run:

American Shad, like the striped bass, is an East Coast import to California from the 1870s.  It is an anadromous fish and anglers eagerly pursue it during its annual spawning runs into the state's rivers.  Shad, like tarpon, is a member of the herring family and is often called "poor man's tarpon".  Its willingness to hit flies and its amazing strength and fighting capabilities make it an extremely popular target of California anglers. 

Please view or download the American River Shad Fishout document for details on what to wear and bring and where to meet.  Some attendees may opt to bring their own fly fishing gear and flies, and the document covers that also.

Interested in other shad fishouts?

Since this fishout has a maximum of 6 attendees, we may schedule another shad fishout if there is sufficient member interest in either late May or in June.

This may be another float trip on the Lower American River or potentially a trip (may involve wading and swinging flies) on the Lower Yuba River below Daguerre Dam.  If you are interested in these other shad fishouts, please contact fishmaster Bill Uyeki.

Fishmaster: Bill Uyeki

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