Peninsula Fly Fishers

First Time Out
Two Stories

by Terry Hall

yellow spider for bluegill

Kistler Ranch

We enjoyed our first club fishout immensely. The slow pace of the day capped off by a group lunch, where fishmaster Jessie and Mary Nishioka made sure we all had plenty to eat, provided ample opportunity to meet and greet most everyone.

Dave Kruss commented on how club members always seem to bring way more food than we need. But we all did our best to prove him wrong as witnessed by many low riding float tubes that afternoon.

The generous nature of everyone at the fishout made up for the rather stingy fishing. The Hall contingency caught one fish and it wasn't me.

Seeing all this Doug Weber helped out by giving me some tried and true foam spiders he had tied. That combined with Mike Pinelli giving advice on a great fishing spot should have done the trick. But just about then I was reminded by Mary that Sue was trying out a float tube for the first time. Scanning the horizon we saw that the afternoon wind had pushed her clear across to the back of the pond up against the fence barrier.

Decisions, Decisions. Quick to remember she had already caught a fish, I went back to fishing. Actually, Harold Patterson in his way-cool boat kindly made sure she was safe.

I did mention she had already caught a fish didn't I ?

Burney Fishout

It was our first pilgrimage to the sacred waters of Hat Creek, et. al. Let's just say conditions favored the trout and we did nothing to alter the equation.

Beginner's observations: match the hatch. My fishing partner Sue is just starting to tie flies thanks to Harold Patterson and Dave Kruss; or no thanks depending on your point of view. You see we were lugging in our gear into the cabin after a day of fishing Fall River when Sue spotted a "stonefly" crawling on her vest.

"Quick," she said, "Look at the beautiful stonefly."

I rushed over to observe the valuable specimen and it was none too happy. A big old mean yellow jacket bit the tar out of me.

Harold, please speed up your introductory class!

yellow jacket wasp

Plecoptera Prettysureicus suehalli

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