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Klamath Fishout 2006

October  26--30, 2006

by  Mike McGuire

November 2006

The Klamath Fishout this year brought six PFF'ers back to out old friends at Marble Mountain Ranch on the Klamath above Somes Bar. Mike Pinelli did his usual great job as fishmaster. The others along were Homer Eaton, Geerson Finlev, Oscar Guzman, Larry Mitchell and Mike McGuire. It was a somewhat tough year for fishing the Klammath. There weren't many half-pounders and the adults were their usual dour selves when it came to biting a fly. However most of us got one or two. We did catch lots of smolts which makes the future look good

Homer Gets a Nice Steelie
Homer Gets a Nice Steelie Displayed by Guide Dan Anthon

By Saturday most of us got in at least one float guided by Doug Cole or Dan Anthon with the results mentioned above, but Mike P and Oscar had not gone yet. Doug came up with an interesting proposal--that we float a not-much-fished whitewater section of the Klammath not passable for drift boats with his whitewater rafts. Mike and Oscar went in the one raft rigged for fly fishing with Doug, while the other four of us rode with Doug's son Aaron and Dan in the other raft, stopping to fish a numerous locations along the way..

Desperadoes in Lifejackets
The PFF Desperadoes with Doug in Whitewater Lifejackets.


Fishing Along the Way
Fishing Along the Way

Lunch Packed by Heidi Much Enjoyed by All

Fish On
Fish On!!


The raft trip was much enjoyed by all and we look forward to doing it again in the future.. We celebrated that evening with our traditional Saturday Night Potluck Barbeque and Bachhanal--good food and drink enjoyed by all.

More information:

Marble Mountain Ranch
92520 Highway 96
Somes Bar, CA 95568

phone: 1.800.KLAMATH
phone: (530)469-3322

Dan Anthon--Just Add Water

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