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A Day in May

A Float on the Lower Sac

by J C Poulton

August 2006

It was my first trip to the lower Sac all year.  ( I mean the first trip to the lower Sac where I wasn't blown off the water, you know the reasons: FLOOD/HIGH CFS or MUDDY/SYRUPY WATER).  Bobbie was fishing a week in the Bahamas with Lori Ann Murphy in the Bahamas, so I called the FLY SHOP, made a reservation for a guide.  Booked a room at Best Western, and jumped in the suv headed for Redding. (I usually go up the day before, giving me time to check out the lay of the land so to speak. I stopped for some info at the FLY SHOP,talked to Woody and Duanne; checked the info board behind the counter, then headed out for the convention center and the butterfly bridge.

JC with a friend below the Sundial Bridge
JC with Friend below the Sundial Bridge

Duanne had told me that it was the first weekend where the conditions were all right on the river. No rain in the forecast and the river had finally settled down though BLM was going to jack up the flow getting ready for irrigation season and spring salmon runs to 15,000cfs.

Saturday morning dawned bright and clear. Met my guide, Mike Parker at the shop early and headed for the river. I learned that the floatwas to be: POSSE GROUNDS to ANDERSON, a long day on the river.There had been so many level changes over the spring that the takeout places at the tailer park takeout was unuseable.

The day was clear and cool. Not a cloud in the sky and the drift was to be 'POSSE GROUNDS'  to 'ANDERSON', a long day. My guide was Mike Parker from the FLY SHOP. Fly for the day was the 'prince nymph- size 12. I had called around before going, but found nobody wanting so fished by myself. It was a wonderful time. Not a fifty fish day, but certainly 20 to the net plus numerous LDR (long distance releases).

Duane from the FLY SHOP had told me that it was the first week that the flows were steady, but that BLM was raising the flow on Saturday night to accomodate irrigation demands.

Come join in the fun....JCP
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