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Nacimiento 2008

by Bob Schwehr

April 2008

Went to Nacimiento...

We went down on Sunday, as weather was predicted to move in Tuesday.  Sunday noon the Easter break crowd was still in the process of leaving, so we waited to take a campsite in the evening.  We camped right by the lake, where the passions sounds emanated from on the last trip.  It was a bit windy, but the view was first class.

The highs were in the low 60's.  The water surface indicated 61 in the mornings and 64 in the afternoon. 65 is usually ideal for the spring spawn.

The first afternoon I caught 13 bass from 11-14 inches on 3 inch white curly tails and 3 inch power worms on jig heads.  John caught several, but had a slower bite.

We backed out of water ski cove and tried fly rods. John tried the new 8wt rod he made in the winter class with Doug Weber.  He caught 1 bass... no more virgin rod for him. (Pict attached).  I used my spey and it cast great with an 8 wt med sink line.  I did not find a willing bite however.  John was using a "depth charge" type head...

Files with fish
John Files Initiates a New Rod

Monday the campsite was nearly empty and peaceful.  We went up river to our "favorite" spots.  We saw deer, heard turkeys, and rabbits were scurrying around.  The fish were not biting very well... we caught maybe 4 fish up there.  I only got 1.  On way out I found lots of suspended fish at the entrance to the narrows, but we did not stop to try for them with an 8 mile ride ahead of us. On coming back down to toward the dam, we found more willing sacrifices along the rocky shores and in the rocky coves.  Monday I got around 6, and I would guess John doubled that.  

Bob "bassin" with a spey rod
Bob "Bassin" with a  Spey Rod

I got my revenge on Tuesday, trying areas we had not fished before in the lower lake, I caught maybe 15 bass, and this time John had a slower bite.  I had downsized to a smaller white jig, and removed the weed guard.

It looks like the weather rolled in on Wed and we returned Tues night.  The web cam showed the lake nearly full, but we found it about 30' down.... based on which topo lines were out of the water.  There is still lots for deep water over 60 feet.  The fish looked long and thin but heathy.  We did not see any big mama bass.  We suspect they were holding off shore more than we fished.  Patience would help her I suspect.  We retirees fished from 9-6, and had a mellow and good time in the fresh air.

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