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Becoming a Fishmaster is easier than you think
The title Fishmaster might sound a bid intimidating.  Few of us consider our selves to be master fishermen.  Certainly no one wants to be accountable for the mood of the fish or the weather or the fishing success of others.  Few of us want to give up his or her own fishing time to act as an unpaid fishing instructor.  Well, none of that is expected of a fishmaster.  While a fishmaster should have some knowledge about the water to be fished, all that is required is the willingness to provide fellow members with some the basics; time, location, type of fishing etc.

Tip for Fishmaster

The following are suggested guidelines.  Not all apply to every fishout or every fishmaster.  Use those that work for you.

Contact Patrick Stauter and let him know what you are planning.  He can answer any question you might have and make sure your fishout is promptly posted on the PFF website. You can reach him by email at:

Prepare a brief announcement describing your fishout.  The basics should include; date, time, location, type of fishing, recommended skill level, maximum number of participants, accommodations and cost.  Recommendation on gear and flies is always helpful but not necessary.  All of this information will be added to the PFF website.

Important:  In the event that there is a cost associated with your proposed fishout be aware that the club does not guarantee participation or funding.  We recommend that you wait until the enrollment on the PFF website is sufficient to cover all costs before sending in a deposit or otherwise committing funds.  Advance notice for this type of fishout will reduce stress.

The fishmaster is not responsible refunding money in the event that a PFF member cannot, for any reason, attend a fishout for which he or she has paid.  The member can of course sell his slot to another PFF member.

Fishout Refund Policy

There are no refunds.  In the event that a member or guest is, for any reason, unable to attend a fishout he may resell his slot (rod) to another PFF member.  It is the sole responsibility of the member to manage this transaction.  This is not the responsibility of the fishmaster or officers of the club.

In conclusion, there are no requirements to teach people to fish, to guarantee fishing success, great weather or manage finances.  The sole job of the fishmaster is to share one of the places that he or she enjoys fishing.

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