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Centered in northern Silicon Valley, Peninsula Fly Fishers has an unusually high proportion of engineers and scientists. These members seem to be particularly interested in modifying and inventing tackle to aid the fly fisher. This page is devoted to their contributions.

Making a Lanyard - So you  can divest yourself of your vest

Making a Stripping Basket - You need this for casting in the surf.

Shooting Heads - Mike McGuire on how to set them up, how to cast them

Some Experiments in Rod Repair - Mike McGuire has tried fixing some  broken rods. The method seems to work

Rebuilding Grampa's Fly Rod - Mike McGuire shows us how a little restoration can do wonders

A Simple Cork Lathe for Rodbuilders - Mike McGuire's inexpensive solution to creating custom fit cork handles.

A Rubber Butt Cap for the Rodbuilder - Mike comes up with a novel source for a rod butt.

Fly Line Spooler - Mike McGuire's easy-to-build device that clamps onto your rod to unspool line from your reel.

Light Rod Tube - Mike McGuire's home-made backpacker's rod tube.

Furled Leaders - Mike McGuire explains the equipment, material, and method of making furled leaders.

Fixing Bobbins That Cut Thread - Mike McGuire modifies the bobbin to prevent thread cutoff.

Simple Quick Release Netkeeper - Mike McGuire provides an alternative method for carrying landing nets.

A Simple Hook Threader - Mike McGuire provides a method for threading hooks when you just can't see that well.

Tying the Eugene Bend Knot - Ken Eugene's instructions for a 100% terminal knot.

Tying the Eugene Sling Knot - Ken Eugene's instructions for a 100% loop knot.

Buying a NU2U Rod - Wayne Taylor provides suggestions on how to go about purchasing a new fly rod.

Herr Dr. Weber's Medicinal Cork Filler - how to repair damaged cork rod handles.

Wader Repair - How to find the leaks, what goo to use, how to make the patch.

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