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Flyfisher's Lanyard

by  Mike McGuire - April 2009

There are times when it's best not to wear your fishing vest, like surf fishing. Yet you need to have handy your nippers, extra tippet, forceps and other small accessories. The solution is a lanyard. These can be bought at considerable expense in fly shops, or for not much at all you can make one. Here'a picture of the pieces

Lanyard Parts:
- A 20" length of 1/4" drip hose tubing.
- Four 11/2" long chunks of the same tubing
- 5 Snap swivels (from conventional tackle store)
- 30" length of nylon cord--a shoelace will do
- 1 3/16" fender washer

A length of tippet can be fed through the tubing to pull the cord through. A short knotted length of cord through the fender washer is to hold a stack of tippet spools. 

Below is a picture of an assembled and loaded  lanyard.

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