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President's Message December

December 03, 2010 8:31 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

President’s Message December 2010

A number of us are also members of the Golden Gate Club as I am. I just finished reading the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Bulletin for Oct- Nov 2010. I was surprised to hear that they only have meetings a few times a year. Financial constraints have played into their decision to recommend a dues increase which will be brought in front of the club for a vote. I bring this up only to point out that our Board has done an outstanding job this year in balancing the budget and at the same time brining top speakers in for our meetings. In addition they have been involved in a number of activities that don’t get a lot of press. Here are a few of them;

Trout in the Classroom: Les Junge, our Life Member Chair was instrumental in bringing this great project to us. Through this program children learn to appreciate the value of our trout fishery and the odds against a fish going from an egg to maturity.  Les works directly with the schools and students to teach children about the life cycle of trout. They start with eggs and by the end of the program they release them as very small fish into Lake Merced.

Fly Tying Classes: We continue to have one of the finest Fly Tying Programs I know of  with Harold Patterson and Mike McGuire. These are open to all members and there is no cost.

Rod Building: Doug Weber is a professional rod builder who really enjoys working with members whether they are building their first ever rod or their 10th! Doug has a new class starting in December and if all goes as planned they will conclude in about 6 weeks with you holding your new Fly Rod!

Casting Clinic: Rich Catanzaro  continues to run our casting classes held at Erckenbrack Park in Foster City. The clinics are held from 10-12 Saturday morning following our General meeting. Rich says just show up and start casting.He has the equipment if you don’t and he can help you regardless if you are brand new or just want to learn the double haul or just  brush up before heading out to the water.

Roundtable: Another project that we are putting together this year is our Roundtable which will take place each month at the  Workshops. This is headed up by Past Presidents Dave Peterson and Sheree Kajiwara. They will feature topics  that are in line with the seasons such as Steelhead in January ect.

Youth Fly Fishing Basics: John Margaroni, our Senior Advisor the past couple of years is working with our local Boys and Girls Club and the local Boy Scout Troop teaching the basics of Fly Casting and Tying.

Veterans Fly Fishing Club: Homer Eaton is our laison to the newly formed Veterans Fly Fishing Club at the Menlo Park Veterans Hospital. They meet on Friday mornings and all are welcome.

One of the biggest accomplishments this year was creating a new website that we can all be very proud of. EJ Melzer along with Mike McGuire, Gary Trott and others put in many hours but the result is surely worth it. The address  and your password remain the same. If you have not had the opportunity to view the site yet I recommend you take the time to do so. Just click on this link;

One of our big challenges has been to replace  Richard Holubek as our Raffle Chair. Richard did an outstanding job for a number of years and we will miss his enthusiastic hawking of raffle items! Immediate Past President Dale Emerson stepped and has done an outstanding job! Dale is bringing in record dollars which only means he will have more dollars to get bigger and better items for our future raffles.

As you know we meet every month of the year and we bring in speakers  to 10 of them. The other's are covered with an Installation Luau in July  and a  Holiday Party in December. This year the Board has decided  to replace 2 monthly speaker meetings with movie meetings. This will save the club around $800 a year. EJ Melzer is the 1st VP that is charged with scheduling the speakers and setting up the movie meetings. Our first one was held in November as we watched the movie ‘Drift’. It was outstanding! Debbie Lamica, our hostess provided the popcorn and drinks for everyone.

This year our Librarian Barbara Weber is continuing to record our old tapes onto CD’s. She has a complete library of CD’s and Books available for you to check out at no cost. See Barbara at the General Meetings to take a peek.

Board member Gerson Finlev took several years worth of newsletters that Les Junge had stored in his garage and scanned them onto CD’s so they will be preserved for the future. We are looking for someone to scan the other half for the club. Contact anyone on the Board if you can help.

As you know the board has made a decision not to print the roster or the newsletter any longer.  They will be on the website. This move will save the club a considerable amount of dollars and a lot of man hours. If you want a hard copy of the roster you can print one right off the website. If you don’t have access to a computer and printer then ask anyone on the board and we will print one for you.

I may have missed some of the wonderful projects  or some of the volunteers who worked on them  so  if I did please forgive me. So much is going on it is easy to overlook something. Another reason for sharing this with you is to let you know how much we need your help! This is a great club but it is all volunteer and part of the responsibility of  belonging  is getting involved . Next month I will post all the positions that we need to fill.

We currently have 132 members in the club. I am really looking forward to 2011 and am confident we will continue our tradition of growth in membership.

Wishing you and yours a safe and enjoyable Holiday Season!

JB Brahy, President PFF


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    It's great to see how far this website, which I created 10 years ago, has advanced. It's great that virtually all of the articles written during that time have been preserved and are available. I can imagine the amount of work it must have taken to port them to the current version.
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