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Part guide to fly fishing techniques; part tips on where, when, and how to fish particular places or for particular species.

Members are encouraged to add new articles, to append their knowledge (contradictory or supplemental), and to suggest topics that ought to be included.

June 2005

Baja roosterfish


  • Learning To Fish Better  by Dennis Kellett
    Steps beginners can take to improve their fly fishing.
  • Fishing Strategy  by Dennis Kellett
    Eight words to guide your hunt for fish.
  • Shallow Presentation  by Leigh West of Tampa Bay Fly Fishing Club (courtesy of FFF ClubWire).
    Learn this tactic for when the fish are feeding in shallow water.
  • Drift Boat Fishing  by Mary Nishioka
    How to fish from a drift boat and stay friends with your fishing partner
  • Grip-n'-Grin by Mary Nishioka
    How to hold a fish for a picture.
  • Favorite Books by Bob Schwehr
    A list of favorite fly fishing books. Further contributions wanted


Bass And Panfish

  • Fishing Kistler  by Dennis Kellet
    How to fish the Kistler Ponds
  • Kistler in May   by Igor Doncov
    Another perspective on fishing at Kistler
  • Spring Fishing  by Rich Catanzaro
    A general overview of flyrodding for largemouth.
  • The Sunfishes by Jack Ellis, Lyons & Burford, 1995
    An account by a fly fisher raised on Sierra trout who discovers the equally fascinating challenge of the sunfishes when he ends up on the Gulf coast. The book details the nature of the fish, their habitat, their menu, tactics and equipment to fish for them, and a fly box with recipies. Good pen and ink illustrations by David Taft.
  • Fly Tying and Fishing for Bass & Panfish by Tom Keith, Frank Amato, 1989
    This book covers gear, the various members of the sunfish family, and tying suitable flies.
  • California Bass Angling Guide by Joni Dahllstrom, Frank Amato, 1991
    Forty bodies of bass fishing water are disected. Obviously oriented to the conventional fisherman, nevertheless this is a great resource for the fly fisher, too.


  • Intro To NorCal Shad Angling by Dave Draheim
    General info about shad and how to fish for them, from a late '70s article in the PFF archive
  • Sacramento River Shad Access by Anglers Emporium
    Map and directions to shad spots on the lower Sac, from a late '70's article in the PFF archive.
  • American River Shad Access In Sacramento by Mike Meinz
    Map and directions to shad spots on the American River in the city of Sacramento, from a late 70's article in the PFF archive.




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