Peninsula Fly Fishers

The Johnny-Be-Good
by Mike McGuire

November 2007

The Johnny-Be-Good (JBG) is a streamer fly that John Margaroni came up with, that was particularly effective this fall on the Henry's Fork and the South fork of the Snake River

Hook Tiemco 5263 or Mustad 9672 size 6
Bead Gold
Thread Black
Rib Copper Wire, Medium Weight
Body Silver Holographic Tinsel
Wing Pine Squirrel Zonker Strip, Dyed Olive
Hackle Grizzly Hen, Dyed Olive

JBG #1 Debarb Hook, put on bead, start thread, push copper wire end under bead and wrap thread down to opposite of where barb was, holding the wire on top.
JBG #2 Tie in the Tinsel and take the thread in close wound wraps back to the bead.
JBG #3 Put a smear of head cement along the thread wraps and wrap the tinsel up to the bead and tie off and cut.
JBG #4 Push the tip of the squirrel strip in under the bead if there is room and tie it down securely
JBG #5 Wrap the rib. To start, stretch the strip and separate the fibers at the back and take a wrap of the rib around it. Next take a wrap of the rib around the the hook underneath the tail. This helps anchor everthing and contributes to the durability of the fly. Now spiral the rib around the strip up to the eye, going between the fibers and each turn. At the bead, take three turns of the rib and tie it down, and wiggle it back and forth to break it off.
JBG #6 Trim the tail part of the strip to about the length of the hook shank and tie in and wrap the hackle feather.

JBG #8
The Finished Johnny-Be-Good

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