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Tenkara fishout 2011

August 22, 2011 4:15 PM | Anonymous member
A small cadre of us returned for the second annual Tenkara fishout.  As most of you know, Tenkara is a Japanese method of fly fishing using very long rods and no reels; the ultimate tool for tight line nymphing.

Rich Slade and I headed up early on Friday to grab a campsite in the Sweetwater campground.  We arrived just after 10 and had camp set up by noon.  This is car camping so we brought everything but the kitchen sink.  Oh yeah, we left our camp chairs in my garage so to be accurate, we were missing the kitchen sink and a comfortable place to sit.

At noon we were joined by my younger brother Gary, and we headed up to Cherry Creek.  This has to be one of the most beautiful and least visited fishing spots in California.  The creek is really a pretty good sized stream with lots of great water. You walk in for about a mile, passing 2 abandoned gold mines.  The creek runs below you for most of the hike.  Below you see a series of fantastic runs and deep pools -- most of which are never fished.

Once on the creek we were rewarded with some great fishing for small sierra trout. We had the stream and pools to ourselves.  During the day we stayed with tight line nymphing and then moved to dry flies in afternoon.  At one point I caught 10 fish on 10 consecutive casts (this was an anomaly - and not representative of the rest of the day)

EJ joined us the next morning, arriving just after breakfast.  With EJ in tow we returned to Cherry Creek for a second great day and then back to camp for a steak BBQ and some liquid refreshments.  

We headed out to do some exploring before returning Sunday.  Lots of great water but most of the access points can best be described as challenging.  Whether you own a Tenkara rod or not this is a fishout that you should put on your calendar for next year.  Relaxed camping, fun fishing and unbelievable scenery - find out why John Muir loved his Sierra's.

Dave Peterson (DB)

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