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Pyramid Lake 2008--May

by Mike McGuire

May 2008

PFF'ers were at Pyramid in March this year. Not to be outdone some more of us went up for a long weekend in May. Judy Decker and Victor Inouye made the arrangements--we stayed at the lodge/motel in Sutcliffe-- and put on two superb evening meals for us. Rather than the freezing weather of the March trip, we had a heat wave. The fish were still biting and the casting from ladders approach still worked. We all caught nice fish. The best day was the Friday we arrived. On Saturday, tThe heat wave had the unfortunate effect of bringing most of Reno up to cool off and camp on the beach--it was quite a zoo. There was also a very intense jetski hatch. Whoever invents a cheap easy to carry and use jetski-seeking missile will rate a Nobel prize for restoring the peace of the world.

Rich's 28-incher
Rich Holubek gets 28-incher

Rich probably got the biggest fish.

John Files and one of his fish
John Files and One of His Many Fish.

John was top rod for numbers caught.

Bob Schwehr got a good fish.
Bob Landed a Number of Nice Fish

Mike Casts 12' two Hander
Couldn't Quite Reach the  Pyramid

A 12' double hander will throw a shooting head a loong way.

Victor got a fish
Victor Got Some Nice Ones
Old Pyramid Hand Victor did very well with a laid back approach to fishing in this weather.

@#$^ Jetski
Knock that One in the Head before you Release it!

One of the nuisances.

Dinner Saturday Night
Surf and Turf Dinner Provide by Judy and Victor

Judy and Victor
Judy and Victor Made it Happen
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