Say someone owes you a little money, but won't pay up. Send that bum to the Pit River. Say someone poisoned your dog and ran away with your spouse. Send that rat to the Pit River in August - with dry flies.

Is the fishing bad there, you ask. No. It's easy to catch something on the Pit. To start with, you could catch vertigo looking down the embankment. You could easily catch your waders on the briars. You could catch poison oak without really trying. You could catch your foot in a hole that must go to China. You could catch a ride downstream after slipping on the slickest rocks this side of Vaseline Creek. You could catch a bad case of rattlesnake bite. You could catch yourself wishing for a thunderstorm to use as an excuse to get the #*$! outta there before you really get hurt.

When Dave P, Mike McG, and I were down there we saw a bunch from Circ du Solei walking in the stream so they could give their acrobatic skills a REAL test. We saw some rodeo clowns who told us they were tired of the easy life and wanted something TOUGH for a change. We saw Evel Knievel crying in fear on the stream bank. We saw James Bond calling for a rescue.

They say Hat Creek is tough fishing. At least nobody there dies.

Dennis Kellett

P.S. We had good DRY FLY! action there on a rainy afternoon. Vividly colored. broad shouldered, leaping and diving wild rainbows.