If You'd Have Been in Oregon

by J C Poulton 

11 Apr  2002

FALL RIVERFished there yesterday (10 Apr). Two spots. One at the campground several miles upstream of the fish hatchery. Water clarity near perfect, but no rises and no action. Weather co-operated with warmth, but partial cloud conditions. Second spot was very close to fish hatchery. Many cars, a favorite spot, many fishermen and lots of fish. The water was cold and clear. I think the immense number of fishermen, tossing everything under the sun at these fish was too much of a good thing. Fish didn't move in most cases, especially the bigger fish on the bottom of the stream. A few smaller fish of six to twelve inchs were taken on a number of different flies. Had several fish strike at indicators, but no real action.

CROOKED RIVER(above Prineville) Fished there today (11 Apr). Water clarity normal (meaning cloudy—unable to see the bottom in six inches of water) plenty of water 'though and moving along fast. Fish were cooperative for Bobbie and for one of our friends. Between them they caught two dozen fish of eight to twelve inches. Fish were inconsistent, never taking the same pattern more than twice. Nymphs of all descriptions were okay, but so were serendipities doing okay at one time or another. Fished all afternoon. Windy at times, sunny at times. No rain.

APRIL 27TH—FIRST DAY OF NEW TROUT SEASON (OREGON) Salmon in the Willamette River. Steelhead expected in the Umqua and the Rogue Rivers. All lakes are expected to be open including Crane Prairie, Wickiup Resevoir, Paulina Lake as well as East Lake in Newberry Crater. There may be a couple of lakes not open, but mostly due to snow blocking road access.

Keep a tight loop...JCP