Peninsula Fly Fishers

My New Favorite Place
Trout Creek, Oregon

by Dave Black

September 2003

Return To My New Favorite Place

On Friday, July 18, we drove down to Trout Creek, a tributary of the Deschutes below Warm Springs. I wanted to see if I could take the camper down there, since I thought it would work. I fished my now-favorite spot, close to the campground. Everyone said it was slow, but on my fifth cast I was fast to a fifteen-inch redside. He jumped once, took tons of line downriver, but I'm happy to say the size sixteen fly tied on a size fourteen hook held him fast. I only fished a few more minutesundefinedtoo hot for grandma and the kids.

Return, Again

The next weekend on Sunday, the 27th, I went back down to Trout Creek. I left at 6AM with my neighbor Joe. We took our mountain bikes to try the fishing a little farther upstream. We rode for twenty minutes or so, and was it ever worth it! There were lots of people on the river, but the fishing was pretty good for large fish. We only caught a few, but only one was less than fifteen inches. We both caught a sixteen-inch fish. They would make one jump and then bore for the current. Then Joe hooked something hugeundefinedI am pretty sure it was a steelie. We never saw it. It just ran out into the middle of the river and broke off. An hour or so later I hooked one just like it. Man, what power! It did the same thing to me; just ran out to the current and broke me off. There wasn't much I could do but watch; 6x tippets just don't hold these fish. We pedaled out about noon in order to beat the worse part of the heat. We drove into the town of Madras, had an Original Burger, and savored the morning's fishing.

Yep, I Am Back Another Time

I went back again on the Friday, the 1st of Augustundefineda fine day indeed! What a great place Trout Creek is. I hooked three fish. The first jumped wildly several times, then headed for the middle of the river. It was great fun, but unfortunately a spin fisherman had broken off and left a lot of line in the river. I got tangled in it, and broke the fish off, 4X tippet this time. I did retrieve the spinner and stuck it in my fly box with a few unkind words. I hooked the next fish on 5X. He simply ran to the current and broke offundefinedjeez! I was playing them on a simple pawl drag. On the last fish I was trying dry flies on 6X tippet. BAD CHOICE! He just headed off to the middle and broke off. I then jumped on my bike and headed back to the truck.

I would love to show you this place. The fish have shoulders. I would like to add that anyone who wants to fish up here should bring a mountain bike. It saves a lot of money on a drift boat ride. I think I will take my backpack and camping gear and stay a couple of days when it gets cooler.

My Last Visit, Unless I Do Not Break Both My Legs

I got down to Trout Creek on Wednesday morning, August 13, put on my pack, and rode in to the first camp area. The seat on a mountain bike gets a bit too familiar when you have a full pack on, but wasn't too bad. I just took it easy, set up camp, pumped a supply of waterundefinedyou guys know the drill. Then I grabbed my rod and headed upstream to Frog Springs. It was already hot, and the waning moon was still quite full. Seems that combination had a negative effect on the catching, but the fishing was still good. I did catch three redsides, and maybe a dozen of those infamous pike minnowsundefinedfirst I had caught. They seem to be a bad sign for the fishing. I returned to camp where there was shade and waited for Dick Stentz to join me for dinner. We had an early dinner at four or so, then headed back out for some fishing. Dick showed me several new holes. Fishing was still slow. I went back to fish the camp water, Dick stayed and got a good caddis hatch, landed a sixteen inch plus fish. I hooked one at camp that ran to the middle, and broke off 4Xundefinedthat's seven pound test. Man, these fish will amaze me forever. As they say, another day in paradise.

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