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Eastern Sierra Fishout

Recently nine Peninsula Fly Fishers and one guest banded together and applied the skills they had learned, and learned some new ones, with the assistance of some great scenery and tremendous trout. The weather and conditions were nearly perfect. Clear, calm mornings giving way to the afternoon thunder heads that would pass us by in the afternoon.

Wayne and Phil got side tracked in Bridgeport watching the motorcycle convention and reported that my directions were less than perfect.

The trout were big, strong, beautiful, and accommodating. To quote Wayne Sr. "You should have seen the size of that rainbow. I couldn�t get my hand around it." If you have ever seen Wayne�s hand, paw, you would understand.

Another PFFer, Connie who recently joined the club, exclaimed "This was the best club he has ever belonged to." Perhaps it had something to do with the 20" rainbow he had just released.

Right out of the shoot Igor had a little guy run upstream 100 feet and wrap him around a root and disappear. Well that was early in the day and he had many more opportunities to challenge his skill against those of his adversary. By days end, dark, Igor had caught, landed and broke off many nice fish and was excited all day long. It was dark by the time he and I returned to the parking lot.

Phil Drees caught a great fish that will remain free after he released it. But the beauty of the fish and excitement of that day will live on.

Everyone in attendance has some fantastic memories of a great day, beautiful scenery and super fish. I was heard to say several times during that outing "the fish seemed to be on steroids", big and strong. Many fish were lost because the 4 & 5X tippets were simply not able to handle the magnificent trout we encountered that day. Hopefully, they�ll still be there and we can find them the next time we visit.

Rich Catanzaro

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