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In Search of Liquid Gold: A High Sierra Backpacking Trip

  • August 10, 2017
  • August 13, 2017
  • Hi Sierra Mountains
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In Search of Liquid Gold: A PFF High Sierra Backpacking Trip.

Date: August 10-13, 2017

Cost: $6 per person at signup, plus an optional donation for gas on the trip TBD.

Fish Master Gary Trott  



In all the legends from the Sierra high country there is no higher calling than exploring California for liquid gold. This includes searching for gold in high mountain sunsets, golden nuggets, and the evening glow reflected off friends around a high alpine lake exchanging fishing stories. Exploring every mountain creek, lake, and waterfall will test your rock dancing, photography, and fishing skills. Any mis-step will alert the Liquid Gold, trout natives and dash any possibilities of catching the wily quarry. The alpine glow at the favorite, targeted campsite is reminiscent of the mountain paintings by Thomas Kincaid .

A Oncorhynchus mykiss aguabonita relative.


This short trip is to encourage beginners and the less experienced. Preference will be given to new PFF members and those beginning fly fisherpersons young in heart. It will be a 4 day long weekend trip into the John Muir Wilderness area in the heart the high Sierra National Forest.

 We will get the reserved permit at the Prather Ranger Station in central California and proceed up the bumpy Kaiser pass road. Anyone signing up for the trip must be physically fit enough to carry a multi-day pack of food and equipment (~35-50 lbs) uphill to 10,500ft over one and a half days in August.

 There are maintained trails and light use, non-maintained trails. At a minimum, each person will need their own clothing, sleeping bag, fishing rod, and able to provide their own water supply. Extra camping equipment is available if needed. Transportation, food planning, and fishing experience, Q&A will be shared pre-trip by email and at the PFF workshop on 3-August.

 Everyone is guaranteed to catch a fish and return warm, safe, and sound with stories to tell. A maximum of four people can be accommodated in the beginning. If there are more on the waiting list perhaps another high clearance vehicle and permit can be arranged. Cost will be $6 per person plus, optionally a share of the vehicle gas depending on final driving arrangements. For more details contact fish whisperer, Gary Trott

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