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East Carson - Post Labor Day

  • September 07, 2018
  • September 09, 2018
  • Indian Creek Campground (Markleeville)
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  • Great fishout

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The East Carson fishout actually provides access to a host of streams and lakes including (drum roll please) the West Carson.

The Indian Creek Campground is very nice, located right on a lake. The week after the Labor Day weekend the campground should be almost empty. For those of you who prefer something a little more luxurious there is Sorensen's just up the road.  Private cabins - restaurant on premises.

This is all about trout fishing on relatively small water  So bring you 3-5wt, Tenkara or Czech rig.

The river access ranges from very easy to challenging so there is something for everyone regardless of fitness or skill level - beginners are definitely welcome.

I will plan on being in the Campground on Friday evening. The last time we did this outing we ate the majority of our meals in town but I am open to any suggestions.

Dave Peterson

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