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Trinity Fishout

  • January 26, 2012
  • January 29, 2012
  • Trinity River


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Trinity Fish Out

Yes------- There will be the Saturday night BBQ party. So be there.

DATES: Thursday January 26 to Sunday January 29, 2011

Note: We are doing this in January rather than November as we have not had much luck at that time.

LOCATION: Trinity River. Indian Creek Lodge


FISH MASTER: Mike Pinelli

Evenings 650 355 2846

Work 650 355 4050


ROD SIZE: 5 to 8 weights

LINE: Depending on the water my favorite is floating with a sinking tip.

LEADER: 3X or 8lb. 2X work well if you’re optimistic. Use your own judgment and capabilities on this.

FLIES: It is going to depend on the rain and the water level as to the fishing and the flies. The stand by that you want to take is:

Wet Flies:

#6 to #12

The Burlap Special; (Developed by Bob Delemos for the Trinity River).

Crusty (can be purchased at the Trinity Fly Shop)


Silver Hiltons and the NEW Paris Hilton

Green Butt Skunk

Brendle Bug

Green Butt Silver Hilton

Moss Back


All of your favorites and don't forget to pack a couple of Woolly Buggers.

Dry Flies

Large Humpies will work:


Grey Wolf

Black Wolf

Royal Wolf



Call 530 623 6294

The main accommodations will be at the INDIAN CREEK LODGE on the river. These are new accommodations and I highly recommend them. They have cabins with full kitchens and also some with just microwaves and refrigerators. They also have a couple of rooms for people with pets. See the web site


You need to do this quick because they are booked quickly this time of the year.


You are responsibility for your own food for breakfast and lunches. Dinner is usually a shared thing, but since we are in new facilities we need to play it by ear.

Now here is the FUN PART.

Saturday night we will have a fun BBQ dinner. As we get close we will organize the food

How it works is you bring your item to BBQ and one dish for the potluck. When making a dish for sharing the best gauge is make enough for four people. Please adhere to the 4 person dishes as we end up with a lot of waste (we are suppose to be a conservation club). There is in our cabin a new 4 burner electric stove and a large oven for use on Saturday night. This is what we will need for Saturday’s dinner.

A. Hors d'oeuvre

B. Salads

C. Vegetables

D. Main Courses

E. Deserts

This will be BYOB for the cocktail hour and your own wine for the BBQ.

Call me and let me know your plans

This year will be good fishing, and we always have a good time. If you don't come you will hear all the stories and not know if they are true!

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