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Stillwater Striped Bass Fishout

  • November 14, 2020
  • 7:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • O'Neill Forebay, Santa Nella, CA
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Stillwater Striped Bass Fishout -- O'Neill Forebay

NOTE: If this fishout fills up and you're interested in attending Sunday Nov. 15, please join the waitlist.  Bill has reserved Sunday to host a fishout too if we meet the minimum number.  If you're interested in only a Sunday fishout, please email Bill Uyeki.

Come join us to learn and enjoy fly fishing for striped bass at the O'Neill Forebay!  The Forebay is part of the State Water Project and is an ideal striped bass fishery (with also some largemouth bass) within a very reasonable 1.5 - 2 hour drive of the SF Peninsula.  

Last year we had a full turnout for this fishout and we expect the same this year.  If this fishout sells out and there is enough interest (minimum 6 anglers), we will hold a second fishout on Sunday Nov. 15.  Please sign up for the wait list if the Nov. 14 fishout fills up.

The Forebay is an equaliziing area for water brought in from the California Aquaduct, before it is pumped up to the much larger San Luis Reservoir for storage. This pumping and subsequent releases from the lake back into the Forebay creates a slight current that is ideal to put stripers into a feeding mode.

Did you know that the state sport fishing striped bass record fish (67 1/2 lbs) was caught in the Forebay?

The fishout will be guided by local striper expert Bill Scharninghausen.  Attendees must attend our Sept, 17, 2020 general meeting or have seen video playback of Bill's presentation. During that presentation we will cover everything required for fly fishing for stripers in stillwaters, including your personal "vessel" (float tube or pontoon), equipment, rigging, flies and presentation.  

During the fishout, Bill will spend time with each participant on the water to assist them in with their casting or presentation techniques.  


  • Bring your own float tube or pontoon and fly fishing gear. 
  • Not recommended for beginning fly fishers.  Should have experience casting shooting heads and/or fast sinktips.
  • Must have a life preserver or PFD with you on the water. 
  • Have at least one wader belt secured around your waist.
  • Be in reasonable physical condition as you'll need to kick or row to locations on the water to find fish, sometimes against a mild wind.


The Forebay and the larger San Luis Reservoir are susceptible to high winds, although in the fall they are usually milder than in the summer.  Nevertheless, we will monitor wind conditions and notify attendees if we need to reschedule.  The weather in that area is very dynamic and can change quickly.  We will also monitor conditions closely during the fishout. 


Click here to view, download or print the O'Neill Forebay Fishout handout.      

REQUIRED GEAR (Will be updated in more detail at the November Workshop.)

  • Rods -- 7-9 wt single handed rods
  • Lines -- Fast-sinking shooting heads (Bill likes an integrated shooting head of 250-300 grains for a 7wt rod).  You can also bring an intermediate full-sinking line for shallower areas.
  • Leaders/tippets -- 15-20 lb straight mono, no tapered leaders needed
  • Flies -- Clousers, Deceivers and other baitfish patterns.  Bill will cover these in October.
  • Clothing layers to cover everything from warm weather to cool, windy, and rain. 


  • The maximum attendance is eight (8) anglers. 
  • The minimum attendance is six (6) attendees to hold the fishout.
  • Attendance is limited due to the nature of the fishout.  We will consider scheduling an additional fishout on Sunday Nov. 15 if there is enough demand (6 or more anglers) on the wait list. 


Bill Uyeki
(650) 483-0772

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